Are you Hydrated...How to Know!

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Create your own daily designer infused water. 

This is a simple & beautiful way to inspire more water consumption.

 All you need is: 

  • Glass jar (64 oz mason jars work well. Or larger glass containers with pour spout) 
  • Fruit frozen or fresh 
  • Fresh herbs- optional  

In the morning, you fill your jug with filtered water then add your fruit and/or herbs to the water. The fruit will infuse the water while enhancing the flavor + it’s beautiful to look at.

I call this designer infused water because the taste is very individualized.

I may keep my fruit in only for a few hours because I like a subtle kiss of infusion. You may enjoy your water best when the fruit has been dancing in the water for several hours giving it a strong flavor.

That’s the beauty of designer infused water, you get to play with it and customize it to your taste buds.

Always remembering the goal is to consume more water! 


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