3 Day OR 6 Day


Start on any Tuesday or Friday

Deliveries are made on Monday evenings for a Tuesday start & Thursday evenings for a Friday start

Each day includes 6-16oz superfood elixirs and healing juices. The drink selection is customized for you based on your preferences + optimization for cleansing benefits.


Plus...you'll receive 2 of my special

rose-infused beauty tea waters to incorporate into each day of your cleanse for the ultimate in hydration.

*Once you purchase your juice cleanse, we'll connect via phone to design your custom juice cleanse out of my eleven signature juices and elixirs to provide you with the most nutrients and freshness possible!

"Christy Whitney has transformed my relationship with food and brought magic into my life. I have the honor of cooking with her weekly as she shares her wisdom with me. I’ve never witnessed someone put as much heart and soul into her cooking as she does. Everything has purpose and intention for what she is creating. Since eating her food my body feels incredible. I feel light, nourished and strong. Her food gives me the strength I need when I’m rock climbing, running, spinning, teaching yoga, Pilates or working long days. Before eating Christy’s food, I constantly felt tired, had stomach aches, was bloated, dehydrated and had bad digestion. I thought something was wrong with me but I just wasn’t feeding myself the fuel it needed. Her food is an investment in myself because this is what’s going to keep my body alive for a long time." 


"I'm absolutely gushing as I think of how Christy's food has changed my LIFE.  I have never experienced such a rooted transformation within my body and my cells ever before.  We truly are what we eat.  I have experienced vibrancy in a way that feels true to my spirit and nature.  My cells are filled with more light, energy and stamina.  I'm a busy mom of two and for so long I've been running around feeling exhausted and scattered.  All this has lifted.  What a massive blessing Christy is to our Community and world.  She is lighting people up from the inside out!  I'm forever grateful that she chose this path and that I'm able to experience such a high vibration in my food.  She truly is an Angel and a Wizard!  Thank you Christy.  I'm seen differently now in the world because of you.  I'm happy and glowing as I now dance through my days.