• Christy Whitney

A kind action changes everything...

I woke up still tired and feeling like I could sleep the whole day away... I dragged myself out of bed and walked into the kitchen. I stood in one spot for minutes taking inventory of the hurricane that had torn through my wizardly kitchen.

This particular week was a WHOPPER of output, energy and excitement including... -hosting a 5-course meal for a business group of ten -catering a workshop for 40 women -and, producing all the food for my private  clients and the Indulgence Club orders

It had been a magical week of connections and creations yet,  I was exhausted! My beautiful kitchen had been turned upside down and there were so many piles of dishes etc., I was overwhelmed.

I just stood there looking at everything that needed to be done and absolutely not wanting to do any of it. I have no idea how long I stood there...It could have been 10-15 minutes. Felt like days.

All I could think about was my soft and cozy bed and wanting to go hide under the covers.

Then something caught my eye...

I had a half loaf of homemade bread left over that I had baked for orders. As I looked at the bread, an idea began to stimulate me...

As I continued to assess, I still had a handful of cherry tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, fresh chives & a few farm fresh eggs.

I decided in that moment that I was going to make myself a proper English breakfast- Gordon Ramsay style. (check out Youtube for recipe on how to make scrambled eggs 'Gordon Ramsay-style') 

I turned on some relaxing music and deep dove into creation mode making scrambled eggs on toast with a side of pan seared tomatoes and mushrooms.  I found a platter and took everything up to the rooftop to be outside and for real.. savored every bite!

​​​​​​​You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m sure she does that all the time.” Well, honestly, I don’t!

Typically I will have a glass of S.H.I.N.E. elixir & green  juice that I sip on throughout the morning   I rarely make myself a nice breakfast so this was really a treat and special occasion.

After breakfast, I walked into the kitchen feeling transformed. It was amazing how energized I felt.

This simple act of kindness and taking a stand for nourishing myself changed the outlook of my entire day.

Instead of dreading the chores that needed to be completed, I enjoyed the process and took advantage of the focused time to do some much needed organizing and deep cleaning.

To me, true nourishment comes in many forms from food to a walk in the park.

How you nourish yourself deeply matters and effects how you feel every day. So often when your stressed for time, your self-care goes out the window.

Feed Your Extraordinary was birthed to support you in a variety of different ways so you can feel nourished from within. 

There are times in your life where you require support and guidance along the way to get back to the basics  plus, deepen more fully into how you really want to feel and what matters most to you

I'm here to assist you on this journey.

If you have any questions about any of my programs click here to schedule a time to connect. You can check out a sampling of ways to work with me below!


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