• Christy Whitney

Are you too busy?

Are you too busy to notice your own needs and desires?

Have you created a life where you are too busy to take care of your own needs and desires that support the life you want to live?

Often, when I start working with new clients they tell me they don’t have time for self-care.

There’s also an underlying guilt for many, asking for help with the basics (ie. housecleaning & cooking). They try to convince me that they are too busy to do anything beyond what is on the ‘essential for survival list’.

I watch them run from one activity to the next, always in a state of chaos.

They complain of chronic fatigue. They are upset over weight gain. They are stressed over always being stressed! They are not feeling Well-Fed...they are starving from surviving. 

I watch women and men that are running from…themselves!

Additionally, I observe friends that are so out of touch with themselves - aka - disembodied. They’ve convinced themselves that the only way to survive is to keep running.

The thought of stopping seems terrifying, crippling and often overwhelming.

A hard truth to accept is... you will always be stuck in survival mode when you’re chasing time. 

When you have an unwavering commitment to self-care you will create the time needed to live the life you want to live.

A radical shift is happening in our world. A seed has been planted with the ability to fuel our deepest desires. You just need to slow down enough to taste it & feel the magic

Slowly together, our society is starting to peel back the mask and really see the truth regarding HOW we’re living and eating. 

With open dialogue, leaders are discussing what would happen if our society stopped promoting chaos.  

Can you imagine what your life would be like if you were able to slow down? 

How would your body feel if you took time to eat in a calming atmosphere where you could savor every bite & sip? 

Imagine that …

Pockets of time start appearing where you have no commitments. You started sleeping deeper and longer.You walked slower and noticed things you’ve never seen before.Weight started melting away because you no longer ate fast or mindlessly. You started noticing your desires.You felt energized.Your digestion improved.You felt lighter inside your body & mind.Your creative side was awakened.You saw the world as a beautiful landscape of color and possibility. You were happier and had the time to do the things you love! 

You can make this a reality.

You don’t need to chase time. When your body is fueled & you feel good you start to feel like you're making time stop. 

I offer many services that will make eating nourishing food simplified while creating more time in your day. I've also been working behind the scenes on a new group program designed to discover and create the steps needed to Feel Good in your body + life.

I will be sharing the details soon on this exciting new program! 

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary,


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