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Back to the basics...😍

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Why does our society become more unhealthy as our options for eating increase?

Thanks to advanced technology & internet in a click of a button or voice command you can have anything from a bag of groceries, DIY meals in a box, prepared meals and chefs show up to your doorsteps 24/7.

The options for eating are astounding… yet, when you look at our society as a whole, more people are sick and tired than happy and thriving.

How you eat is how you do everything in life so if you're not happy with your eating routine there’s probably other places in your life where your really feeling challenged.

As your Food Wizard, I want you to have fun with eating and really enjoy the process. For me, it’s about going back to the basics. History reminds us of societies that continually flooded their bodies with nutrient dense foods by consuming fresh produce from the local market (they probably walked too) were happier and healthy as a whole.

I understand there are times when you're exhausted and don’t have time to make a healthy meal. I know some of you love to cook and I know many of you really don’t enjoy anything about cooking. Regardless of how much you do or don’t like to cook, eating is essential and I know you want to feel good.

I want you to have a love affair with eating.  Whenever possible, slow down and savor every bite.  There are many small things you can do that will make eating more enjoyable.

We need to support (and stop food shaming) each other in living healthy, vibrant lives. If you're ready and looking for the next step that will light the flame for your love affair with food, I offer free connection calls if you would like to discuss next step/ best options.

Click here to schedule time. 

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary,


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