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Behind the Shine...

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

The WHY & HOW it really works!

You can experience this incredible superfood elixir in my 21 Days to SHINE!

You will receive 32 oz in ready to drink jars daily for 21 days.

Yes, I'm making the concoction FOR YOU fueled with the SHINE elixir powder of over 32 superfoods plus, infusing it with my protein powerhouse base. Why?

Because I know even the act of making it can be difficult with our busy schedules so this cuts down on your time and ensures you get this in daily. Once you experience the potency and power in your body, you will be hooked and crave it's benefits!

You can purchase 21 Days to SHINE and start any Friday or Tuesday with 48 hour notice. See details here!*

*(Indulgence Club Members can access through the Club site)

If you have any questions about 21 Days to SHINE or any of my other programs then I invite you to book a free 30 minute connection call and we can discuss your best next step. Click here to schedule time

Feed Your Extraordinary,


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