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Do you keep commitments to yourself?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

How often have you been inspired to make a change in your life, but you never took action for this change to become a reality for one reason or another?

Have you ever made the commitment to yourself that you were going to start getting up earlier and… go for a walk, meditate, write in a journal, or eat a healthy breakfast, etc.?

Then, when morning rolls around, you hit the snooze button on your angry alarm clock - again, again, and again! Sound familiar???

Before you know it, you are running late and your morning is rushed and chaotic. You say to yourself, “tomorrow I will get up early and start my new routine”.

Tomorrow comes and again, you start the process of hitting the snooze button all over. You then become frustrated with yourself for setting the alarm early in the first place! Your self-saboteur has taken the lead once again!

And this cycle continues...

Why does this matter? How you keep your commitments to yourself are a direct measure of your honor code, self-esteem, integrity and intuition...

Keeping your commitments to yourself, is just as important as keeping your honor code to others.

Honor, love & respect all begin from within!

I believe a lot of depression, weight challenges, lack of self-love, and limited compassion are due to not respecting ourselves. You can’t honor others if you don’t honor yourself.

When you start the path of honoring yourself, It becomes a transition from reading, studying and saying the truth, to living and being your truth.

Your life switches from trying to doing.

It takes support, patience, compassion and accountability to have a sense of loyalty and integrity for commitments you make to yourself. New neural pathways need to be created.

Keeping your word becomes a daily practice and divine instruction.

Few people are able to make this shift alone. When your Saboteur is running amuck, there is no shame in needing assistance with wrangling in this part of you.

Body Beautification was created to give you this type of support and accountability. You can start to feel very heavy from guilt when you're struggling with your inner Saboteur. It’s tricky because we can keep our inner dialogue to ourselves very private.

The inner-voice inside each of us can be very cruel.

What does your Saboteur say when…

  • You look in the mirror

  • See yourself naked

  • Eat foods on your ‘bad list’

  • Don’t keep commitments to yourself

Wrangling in your Saboteur is not easy. The work can get messy at times.  I now have space for 2 women to start the Body Beautification journey! I will be by your side every step of the way.

As your personal honor expands, so will your capacity to love YOURSELF!

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary,


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