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The Down Side of the 'Familiar'...

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Have you heard of the term upper limit problem? I first heard about this fascinating phenomenon while reading the book 'The Big Leap' by Gay Hendricks.

Everyone has an upper limit setting that's holding us back from feeling complete joy and seeing the world full of color. This limit becomes a gauge for the amount of success & passion you allow yourself to feel towards family, career, intimacy, body and even how you eat.

When you are in this zone, you are comfortable in your life.

However, comfortable could mean that you are settling for a mediocre life void of blissful joy.

Do you ever feel like your going through the motions of day to day living and just getting through the day?

What if that changed and you started passionately engaging in every part of your life including how you eat?

Think of a time in your life where you felt amazing.  

How long were you able to keep this feeling?

A few minutes, hours, days, or years?

The length of time you allow yourself to feel good is a good gauge to where your at with your upper limit challenge. When you feel incredible over a period of time you can start pushing the boundary of your comfort zone.

What happens when you reach your comfort limit of feeling good?

You sabotage yourself so you can fall back into the familiar zone where you feel safe and in control.  

I see this phenomenon happen all the time around eating and dieting. When I ask clients how they would feel letting go of all the rules and restrictions and start eating is a way that's in harmony with how they want to feel…

they often say, "that’s impossible."

Without the rules, they wouldn’t know what to eat and would gain a thousand pounds.

If you don’t trust your innate wisdom when it comes to eating, you'll never feel good inside your body.

This is one of the hidden issues that keeps the multi-billion dollar diet industry going strong. When dieting, you can start to feel good and reach your upper limit point.

Instead of breaking free of the diet and trusting your wisdom around all things food , magic + nourishment... it’s all too easy to revert back to the comfortable rules and restrictions of that particular 'diet', cleanse, or eating plan.

When following guidelines, there’s structure and possibly a ‘false belief’ that your doing something good for your body.

When I started understanding and breaking the patterns around my personal upper limit problems, I started increasing my ability to feel joy, was able to work more profoundly with my clients & I became a better chef.

I still catch myself at times feeling uncomfortable with my upper limit challenges.

When you understand your own personal patterns, you can start to make the necessary changes. If you don’t understand the upper limit challenge, you could believe that you’re flawed and not good enough or don’t deserve happiness.


​​​​​​Where is your thermostat set for your upper limit when it comes to eating and body image?

What if…

-You were ready to feel happy in your body…Now. Today. At this very moment.

-Instead of feeling flawed and not good enough, you loved your body completely for all of its flaws and wrinkles.

-You gave up dieting & calorie counting... eating in way that was full of joy and entirely nourishing.

It’s possible for you to move beyond your upper limits while reprogramming your beliefs on how you feel and the level of happiness you deserve or feel comfortable with.

When you feel uncomfortable...

Hang with it.

Don’t pull back.


Be patient.

Trust yourself.

You can increase your capacity to experience and feel joy and passion.

I believe in you. It’s time for all of us to shatter our upper limits and eat & live in a way full of passion, pleasure & deliciousness.

I offer coaching programs where I guide you through your upper limit challenges and transforming your relationship with food.

Feed Your Extraordinary,


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