• Christy Whitney

🔥 Escape the 'Number on the Scale' Syndrome

“How do you not weigh a thousand pounds?”, he asked.

I was serving homemade clotted cream with British scones to a group of people in celebration of the new Downton Abbey movie coming out.

“What I eat is only one part of the equation when it comes to my weight. There are so many other things that impact my weight. Right now, I’m having a relationship with my scone and savoring every bite”, I replied.

Looking at my curiously he asked, what I meant by that?

Before I share my response, I want to share with you a deeper reflection I’ve noticed around my weight. As I reflected on this conversation, I made a discovery around my body weight over the past 20 years. 

There is a direct connection with my weight and level of happiness. More specifically, the times when I was really struggling and unhappy is when I weighed the most.

And the opposite has also been true, the times in my life when I was the happiest is when I felt the best in my body. 

You may be thinking...'but of course...duh...that’s not surprising at all!'

Yet, I feel like it’s a life-changing realization that most people don’t understand.

What is the first thing you do when you feel like you need to lose weight?  Most likely: 

Go on a diet or eating planTry a cleanse Stop eating sugar or fill in the blank... Start exercising everyday Hire a health coach And on and on…. 

I bet the first thing you do has nothing to do with changing how you FEEL in your body. You are most likely focused on changing how you look & the number on the scale.

To me, this is where we need to change the story. It’s obvious when over 90% of women don’t like their bodies that something is wrong.

Recently, I shared 5 foundational principles needed to feel good in your body + life. Each of these ingredients are crucial to incorporate in your cauldron to feeling good.  If you missed any of the posts, you can read about each one on my blog.

In a quick summary these 5 ingredients are: 

Fueling- Learning how to fuel yourself in a way that's truly nourishing is an art form. It goes way beyond eating healthy meals. In order to fuel your physical & emotional body, you need to learn how to decipher the language of your body.

Fulfillment-Your level of fulfillment can be measured by how much you love and respect yourself.

Flexible- When you have a flexible eating style, you learn to eat in a way that’s nourishing for your body today & sets you up for success for tomorrow. 

Fun -Once I start eating for pleasure and nourishment, everything changed in my life. I saw the magic in food and eating became fun again. 

Freedom -Freedom happens when you trust & you keep your commitments to yourself

When you learn to incorporate all 5 of these ingredients into your eating style, everything changes. You will start to feel good and realize the number on the scale doesn’t matter. 

If you don’t feel good and want to lose weight, what would happen if you:

increased your capacity to love yourself immersed more in what fulfills you gave yourself permission to be flexible allowed yourself to have fun eating learned to trust yourself  

If you made these shifts in your daily life, I guarantee you would feel better in your body and the importance of the number on the scale would start to lose it’s power.

So, back to the scones, clotted cream and my new friend that was concerned with my weight. My response was that I eat in a way that supports how I want to feel then I went on to explain the 5 foundational ingredients. 

Are you ready to change your story around eating, weight, and how you feel in your body & life?

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