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From food rut to spice it up... here's how!

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Throughout the years, I’ve noticed that my coaching clients typically fall into 1 out of 3 categories when it comes to body image and health concerns.

  1. Weight loss resistance You're unhappy with how your body looks and you’ve been trying for years to lose weight.

  2. Health challenge You’ve been given a health diagnosis and you're searching for a way to heal your body.

  3. You’re frustrated, bored & unmotivated by eating and nourishment You are stuck in a food rut and sick of eating the same things everyday.

All of these challenges can be significant and affect EVERY part of your life in a stressful, less desirable way of living. Today, I want to dive into feeling frustrated & bored around eating.

When you lose your passion for eating, your world can start to feel like your stuck in an eternal groundhogs day. You eat the same things daily for survival because you know you 'have to eat something.'

How do you move from food rut to spicing things up? 🤔

Here are some of my best tricks:

1. Challenge yourself to make at least one new recipe per week. Diversity is the spice of life. Committing to make new recipes weekly will expose you to new dishes you could fall in love with.

2. Shop at the Farmers Market. It’s hard not to be inspired from all the fresh produce stacked up bursting with color and life force.  We are really spoiled living in Portland with all the amazing Farmers Markets available every day of the week. Talk to the farmers and ask them what is the best produce available and how they would prepare it?  They are always happy to let you sample and you get a lot more for your dollar shopping direct from the market vs. the grocery stores.

3. Be honest with yourself about how you really want to feel. When you can slow down and let your body take center stage then you start to make different choices around nourishment.  A subtle yet, profound shift starts to happen… you start eating in a way that allows you to feel energized and nourished vs focusing only on the immediate quick fix.

4. Watch cooking shows for inspiration. My favorite cooking show of all time is a Netflix original called Chefs Table.  The chefs featured on the show are the best chefs in the world so some of the dishes could be to elaborate for you to recreate. Regardless, you will be inspired watching the chefs follow their passion and master their craft. I even learn things while watching the 8-15 year-old kids cooking on MasterChef junior.

5. Try out some of the meal delivery companies like Blue Apron or Home Chef. These companies ship you the ingredients and recipe instructions to recreate their meals in your own kitchen OR take advantage of my Elevate Your Eating Style Personal Chef Program.

Are YOU ready to Feed your Extraordinary?


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