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How Flexible are You?

A key ingredient to feeling good is learning how to be flexible in your eating style + beliefs...

How you eat is how you do everything in life. Rigidness creates brittleness. Flexibility brings fluidity.

When you embrace a fluid eating style you’re able to beautifully ebb and flow with the seasons. Each morning when you break your fast, you can set your body up for success and eat in a way that is nourishing for today. 

This may seem like a crazy concept however, you may not need 3 meals everyday like you’ve been conditioned to believe.

Back in the day when this eating style was embraced, it was a time when our ancestors worked the land. The eating options that are now available at our fingertips just didn’t exist.

When you’re physically exerting yourself all day long then you’ll need at least 3 good meals a day to keep you going. Sitting in front of a computer all day is a very different type of energy. It’s not surprising that when you look at our world today, obesity has never been so high. 

When you have a flexible eating style you learn to eat in a way that’s nourishing for your body today & sets you up for success for tomorrow. 

This may sound simple and obvious to you however, I can tell you that more than 90% of women and lots of men struggle with this concept.

This challenge is two fold, there are too many people struggling with how much to eat and what they should eat or avoid. 

All of the hundreds of clients I have worked with, all started with a long list of rules & restrictions around what they were willing to eat. Additionally, they had strong beliefs around why they shouldn’t eat 'X...fill in the blank' & most felt like they were eating waaay to much. 

Another challenge that I work with many clients with in regards to flexibility is expecting your body to respond today the same way it did 5,10, 15, or 20 years ago.  

Have you ever experienced a period of time where you had reached that comfortable level with your eating style and then, what was working before, all of a sudden stopped giving you the results you desired?

You do all the same things that worked in the past but now you are not getting the same results. 

I have clients come to me feeling extremely frustrated because they are no longer receiving the results they used to rely on.  Our world is changing with hyper-speed. It’s naive to think how you feel in your body and mind won't be affected.

What I have learned from my own personal journey and working with many clients: 

There is never one perfect diet that will work for your entire life.You need to be nutritionally flexible.What you eat is never the ‘whole picture’ when it comes to your health.How much you love & respect your body is a direct reflection of your overall health.Uncovering and releasing your toxic body beliefs leads to freedom and happiness.Knowing your truth leads to power and strength.Feeling good goes way beyond exercising and a healthy diet.To me, being flexible with your eating style should be fun and exploratory. The key is to be open to experimenting and see what works for you today.

I believe that flexibility is also extremely important with our beliefs on the world and how we show up everyday playing this game of life. If your beliefs are so rigid that you are unable to hear or contemplate other perspectives then you will start to see the world in a very black and white way.

To me, black and white thinking leads to hate and devastation.

Seeing the world through eyes wide open perspective and being open to listening and considering other perspectives creates a world full of wonder and  possibilities. 

Can you be flexible with your eating style and beliefs?

Are you open to the possibility that there could be a more loving, compassionate way to live with yourself? 

I would love to hear about your experiences around flexibility! 

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Lets Feed Your Extraordinary,  Christy

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