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"Last Supper" Syndrome

Weight loss resistance is a fascinating topic and so very, very individual.

A majority of the clients I’ve worked with throughout the years that want to lose weight come to me extremely frustrated...stating that they are doing ‘all the right things’ yet, they can’t lose weight. 

Does this sound familiar? You...

exercise a lot eat lots of fiber & protein take lots of supplements

eat healthy

Yet, even with all the effort to be healthy the number on the scale won’t move.


Our bodies are brilliant at surviving & adapting and because of this, we've put our bodies through some crazy circumstances & diets.

Yet, here we are...still kicking & fighting. Dieting. Cleansing. Detoxing.

I recently read an article that stated 90% of women dislike their bodies.

That is an extremely alarming statistic.

So what’s going on in our society? Why are so many women struggling with weight loss and body image?

An important realization with weight loss resistance WLR is that diet, supplements and exercise is only part of the 'recipe for life'.

Many experts have tried to convince you that following their diet, taking this supplement, or exercising more would solve your problems with WLR.  If this were true, many, many more women would be happy with their bodies.

Could it be possible that your daily eating may not have enough calories?

It’s easy to focus & blame over-eating for all of your weight issues. In my experience, under-eating is often looked at like a badge of honor. The rise of popularity with intermittent fasting diets isn’t helping those that tend to under-eat.

When your body isn’t receiving enough calories then it has no choice but to go into survival-stress mode. When this happens the bodies internal alarm goes off and it holds onto everything it can as fat.  (The body uses fat storage as a way of protection.)

Think of a 'bear going into hibernation'…. everything consumed is held onto because the body has no idea when it will eat again.

Another way to understand this (for those of you that are more science minded) is to look at what happens when the body is functioning under stress.  High amounts of adrenaline and cortisol hormones are produced.

When we have high amounts of these hormones in our system the body SLOWS and may even STOP burning fat calories.  This function is called metabolism.

When you are caught in this trap and only eat (a measly amount) instead of turning the calories into nourishment the body is stressed feeling like this is the ‘last supper’ it may ever get.

When this happens your body starts producing lots of cortisol and adrenaline. Your system goes into fight or flight overdrive...leaving the only choice to store the calories as layers of fat. Yikes!

What's the alternative?

When you start flooding your body with nutrients, it’s amazing how different you start to feel and your body becomes relaxed and satisfied...and then guess what happens?

The extra weight will start to disappear. 

This is one of the big reasons I’m fascinated with superfoods. I have a lot of fun developing recipes that are filled with micronutrients & macronutrients...creating items that are full of nutrient-dense ingredients such as the SHINE elixir, SHINE energy balls or my superfood bombs.

Nutrient-dense foods are a Game Changer.  ​

From doctors and hairstylists to stay at home mom's as my clients, they are incorporating these high performance foods + many more items from my Indulgence Club cuisine to optimize their nutrition, balance their mood and maintain and sustain their weight and energy levels.

Here is a recent quote from a Body Beautification client:

"Many years ago I found out I had a food intolerance to gluten, dairy and sugar that left me with significant joint pain. I felt completely overwhelmed tackling all three at once. So I started to eliminate gluten and when I felt I had a handle on that I tackled dairy. This year I decided it was time to take on sugar. I signed up for Christy's 3 month Body Beautification program. It was one of the best decisions I've made to date. 

She introduced me to "eat according to how you want to feel". What a concept! No more calorie counting, no more portion control, no more worrying about the number on the scale. Over the course of the 3 months, I started to have a different relationship with my body. The food Christy provided was nutritionally dense and after a few weeks I noticed how I felt "more oiled" on the inside. Then I noticed how the sugar cravings had subsided and the portions I ate had become considerably smaller. I simply didn't need to eat as much anymore. 

In our coaching sessions, Christy brought different perspectives to the conversation that helped me gain insights into how I "do" food. She kept saying "the way we do food, we do life". She challenged me to a mindful eating practice - to eat without distractions. That was difficult at first. As I was training myself to do so, I found that my body responded better to the food I was eating. Eating became a sacred activity which created a different relationship with my food and body.and shifted my appreciation for both.

At the end of my journey I had my cholesterol checked. All three markers came back green! It hasn't been like this in many years! I also lost weight without even noticing it. That was a surprise because my intention had been healing my joint pain and the sugar cravings. The healing took place. No more joint pain or sugar cravings! I've been feeling balanced, well fed and have steady energy throughout the day without caffeine. 

If you are on the fence whether to embark on this journey or not, I recommend you go for it. Christy truly knows food and how to create the conditions for healing naturally. You will love the results, as am I."

Bea R.

What are you waiting for?

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary Together,


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