• Christy Whitney

Learn The Secret to Stop Overeating...

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Is your lack of willpower an issue with your daily eating?  

So many of the clients that I work with have convinced themselves that they have a willpower issue over food. If you believe this about yourself, then I encourage you to read on with an open mind...

At the surface, it is a logical explanation. If you are trying to control your appetite and what you eat, then convincing yourself that you need more willpower could make sense at first.

However, this self-destructive path will only lead to misery and more body hatred. The real issue has nothing to do with your ‘lack of willpower’ and everything to do with your body's need to be nourished.

The truth is that most food challenges are not entirely about food. Eating challenges go way beyond what you are eating; they are directly linked to your beliefs and how you feel about the world and your body.

Let's take a look at a typical day in my friend’s Alex’s life.

In the morning, Alex makes coffee and puts it into a to-go cup to drink on her way to work (without having anything solid to eat). She sips on the coffee as she rushes out the door. At work, she refills her coffee mug a few times to continue to wake her up and keep her going.

More often than not, she doesn’t take a lunch break. She will snack on pretzels or have a few bites of a muffin. During the rare occasion, she will go out and get a simple salad or sandwich for lunch.

She has a lot of dinner meetings with her work. Frequently, the restaurants she goes to bring out a basket of bread or chips. When she starts eating the bread and/or chips, she finds that she can’t stop eating. Dinner is then served and she is ravenous!

Once home, she will enjoy a few glasses of wine and usually craves something sweet. Chocolate and ice cream are her favorites.

The day starts over and not much changes with her eating routine.  Alex believes she has a willpower issue with food. It really bothers her that she eats so much bread and carbohydrates. She feels like she can’t stop eating them once placed in front of her.  

One could suggest that she try to avoid bread and chips or we could look at what is really going on. Alex’s issue has nothing to do with willpower. She is unconsciously starving herself until dinnertime.  By the time she allows herself the opportunity to eat, her body is literally starving.

Having an appetite is not a bad thing.

We can’t control our appetite.

Trying to control our appetite will only lead to a dark and nasty relationship with our bodies.

We can ignore our body’s signals and desire to eat for an extended amount of time, however, at some point, if we want to live, we will need to nourish our bodies! If we’ve gone too long without eating and our body is ravenous, then it will appear to be out of control and you will naturally start binge eating.  

When this happens, it’s easy to chalk it up to a willpower issue.

We can’t resist the urge to eat forever! Do you...

  •  feel like you are constantly challenged with your willpower over food?

  •  find yourself trying to control your appetite?

  •  sometimes binge eat or overeat?

  •  go into self-sabotage because you feel like your willpower over food is weak?

The only way to tame the ravenous beast once he or she has been let loose, is to go within and learn the language of your body.

When your beast within is screaming, it’s because it needs to be heard!

Your body is begging you to pay attention to its basic needs!

If you go into self-attack and say ‘if I only had more willpower’, then you could resist binge eating…you are lying to yourself! This is a toxic body belief that needs to change.

I invite you to take a different perspective and listen to the language of your body.

  •  Slow down

  •  Pay attention