• Christy Whitney

Let Go of the Laundry List of Rules...

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Do you feel freedom around how and what you eat? 

Having freedom is a critical foundational ingredient to feeling good in your body and life.

Having compassion towards yourself opens the door to freedom. This is the final ingredient of the 5 Keys to Feeling Good Framework that I have been sharing these last few weeks!

And, it's a Biggie!

So what does freedom mean when it comes to your eating style?

Freedom happens when... 

  • you trust yourself & you keep your commitments to yourself

  • you learn to make empowered decisions on how you truly want to feel

  • you choose from a place of discernment where you are putting your needs first

  • you believe that you deserve to feel good

  • you dissolve the old patterns of fight or flight & move the needle towards joyful bliss

As a Body Empowerment Coach (aka 'nourishment alchemist' is what I like to call myself!), the #1 thing I notice with the majority of my clients when we begin working together is their long laundry list of rules, restrictions and 'won’t eat' items because they believe it's bad. (each individual's list is different however, the energy is the same.) 

This energy is fear... and, even the thought of freedom brings up lots of stuff for my clients including being out of control & a lack of trust within.

As a nourishment alchemist (instead of turning lead into gold like an alchemist does), we apply this concept to turning your fear into freedom around nourishing your body + soul.  It’s my job to take you on a journey within to rediscover your innate wisdom and learn to trust yourself again.  

I like to refer to this as the path from dieting to doughnuts to ultimately, discernment defined by your soul's true desires.

The Diet Phase:

A cycle and trap where you are always searching for the perfect diet that will make your dreams come true and the angels sing. This includes the latest cleanses, strict food plans, and being on and off 'the program' or the best, brightest, newest fad.

The Doughnut Stage:

This stage cracks opens more awareness...a subtle or strong realization that you are not getting the results you desire and you're tired of all the restrictive rules around eating and within the 'plans'.

You're craving more freedom and flexibility around food.

There’s a glimpse of possibility of what this vision could look like for you but at the same time...

you're thinking, "well, without the rules, wouldn't my eating just get out of control?"

  • You fear that you’ll gain 1000 pounds by letting yourself eat what you want

  • You want freedom but don’t trust your instinct that you will make choices that will allow you to feel amazing

  • You feel disconnected from your body and don’t trust your natural intuition that you know what your body needs

As crazy as this might sound out loud… for many of us women, there is a voice inside that says if we let go of these 'rules' all we'd eat would be cheese, chips and all things 'carbs' (or fill in the blank on your most decadent guilty pleasure)!

The doughnut phase is where I work with clients most, guiding and transitioning women from fear to freedom and ultimately, to step fully into the discernment state being led by your soul's innate wisdom.

More than ever before in our lifetime women are waking up & crossing the threshold from Doughnuts to Discernment...

And, discernment is where the magic unfolds in your life and how you feel in your body!

The Discernment Phase:

This is the stage where you’ve created your own unique ‘recipe for life” and live in delicious harmony. You know what foods bring you nourishment and feed your soul. You also know what foods drain your energy and numb your soul.

In this stage, you honor your body and love experiencing different levels of spiciness, sweetness, freedom &  pleasure. 

The time has come for us to leave the diet and doughnut stages for good and step into our roles as empowered women and live our lives full of joy, true nourishment & freedom.

What about you? What stage are you in? 

My coaching programs assess exactly where you are at plus, dive deep into creating your unique & personalized recipe for life. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Plus, if you live in Portland, OR area, the 6-month mentorship provides the highest level of support & guidance for a complete, cohesive and customized experience.

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Let's Feed Your Extraordinary,