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Living fully into your Inner Queen? A 🔑 to Fulfillment...

I’ve been focusing on my favorite 'F' words: Fueling, Flexibility, Fulfillment, Fun & Freedom.

These 5 ingredients make the Foundation for your Recipe for Life. If you are missing any of these key ingredients, you will have a difficult time Feeling Good. 

I’ve already deep dived into the importance of Fueling & Flexibility.  If you missed the emails, you can click on either one to go to the blog post. 

Today, Fulfillment takes the spotlight.

Why is it important to feel fulfilled in your eating style and lifestyle?

Your level of fulfillment can be measured by how much you love and respect yourself.

When you go to bed at night, do you feel nourished and that you took care of yourself during the day in a loving and compassionate way? 

Feeling fulfilled isn’t about being perfect. There is no such thing as living and eating a perfect way.

You will feel fulfilled when you can love yourself even when you feel unlovable.  When you can love yourself even when you don’t feel good or have made mistakes, you will understand the power behind feeling fulfilled.

Fulfillment is created from the inside out. You learn how to feed your cravings and desires in a way that's deeply nourishing. 

The first step to fulfillment is to make self-care your number one job.

Nothing is more important than how you feel and how you feel depends completely on how well you take care of yourself. 

I will explain what I mean by using the powerful insight of archetypes. If you’ve studied archetypes, you know that there are universal ones that everyone goes through and there are ones that are unique to you.

The princess stage usually happens from age 0-30. A woman in the princess stage needs to be encouraged. Eating comes from a desire of a quick-fix. Her body & beauty can be used to gain affirmations.  Her focus and decisions are based on short term results. Her life revolves around her needs and desires. 

From the age of 30-40, a woman has the opportunity to become a queen in training. Unlike the princess, she needs less affirmation, negative self-talk loses its zing, and she’s in the practice of compassion, flow, and gratitude. She recognizes that every thought and action has a positive intention (whether or not the act or the outcome are inherently positive). When the positive intention yields a negative, dis-empowered result, she can see this as feedback (not failure) and take a new action.

When a woman reaches the age of 40+, she now has the capacity & potential to be living fully in her inner queen when it comes to body awareness and nourishment at all levels. A Queen is strong, empowered, and fully self-expressed. Her presence extends beyond her beauty and her body. She serves the people around her and makes a huge impact in her relationships, organizations, and society. She doesn’t waste her life force worried about the number on the scale because she understands that her body is a reflection of her self-expression.

A queen feels fulfilled from within. It's an energy and/or presence they embody. The Queen archetype has learned to harmonize her physical, emotional & intuitive body's needs and desires into a powerful source. 

Have you crossed the threshold to being your inner queen? Join the deeper conversation in the private Feed Your Extraordinary community I just created this month. I am absolutely loving having a private space to really connect with all of who have jumped in.  If you haven't joined us yet, the below link is where you can access the private group!

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