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Slow is the new Sexy

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Are you a fast, moderate or slow eater?

Does the speed you eat make a difference in your overall health & wellness?

It does. A lot!

If you're someone that eats fast and suffers from cramping, constipation and digestive issues then retraining yourself to eat slower could make a huge difference.

Before I took the leap into learning all I could about health and nutrition, I would take large bites when I ate. 

I wasn’t a fast eater per say… yet, I did take large bites.

I don’t know why I did this.  When I slowed down enough to notice my habits, I became aware that my typical bite was way to large to chew everything inside my mouth. Inevitably, I would need to swallow whole bites of food to get everything down.

Chewing plays an important roll to the digestion process. It activates the enzymes and breaks the food down so we can get all the nutrients. If we swallow food whole then it will either get stuck somewhere in our colon or hopefully we will eliminate it.  Our body can’t pull any important nutrients from chunks of whole food. Our colon doesn’t have teeth:)

When you eat fast... not only are you not chewing, you are also activating the sympathetic nervous system (aka flight or flight response).

Eating in fight or flight is another big challenge for our bodies. Even though we're eating food when the sympathetic nervous system is activated your body can’t pull the nutrients from what is consumed.

This is why we can be left feeling tired, cramping, gassy, and bloated + hungry again an hour or so after eating.

This is not a fun (or elevated... and certainly not 'sexy') way to live, eat or feel!

I’ve worked on retraining myself plus, weaved these slowing down philosophies and the re-training process in with all of my private clients...

Below are a few tips for getting started:

  • Eat with demitasse utensils whenever you can. This completely changed how I ate. Using small utensils forces you to slow down when eating and take smaller bites. Now, years later, these cute little spoons and forks are still my go to when I’m eating at home.

  • Plate your food in a fun and inviting way. When you take an extra few minutes to plate your food in an enticing way, it inspires you to eat slower and enjoy the experience more (remove from the take-out containers and plate your meal in an appetizing way). I like to use edible flowers and fresh herbs to enhance the vibe.

  • Step away from the computer, television and all electronic distractions while your eating. It’s a proven fact that when we are distracted while eating that we eat faster, tend to overeat and are eating in flight or flight.

  • Eating slowly allows you to really taste your food.  When you slow down, you can activate all of your senses and when this happens it's a game changer!  Those of you that have come to one of my dinner shows or other events have experienced eating in a way where all your senses are activated so you're feeling nourished at all levels. You tend to eat less when your senses are activated plus, food taste so much better!

Slow and steady wins the race. Now, when I’m eating with others, I’m typically the last one to finish eating and I don’t consume as much food as most. Eating is much more enjoyable and savoring every bite is part of the entire experience.

Ready to slow down and step into a sexy, savoring way of eating, feeling and living?

Let's Feed YOUR Extraordinary Together... Christy

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