• Christy Whitney

Stuck in a food rut...

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We're going beyond tricks and tips this week and delving deeper into the 'stuck in a food rut' syndrome...(i.e. the boredom, the blah-ness and the sameness that can set in around food & body that does indeed spill into our lives).

Everyone knows that what we eat affects how our physical body looks and feels. Yet, not everyone knows that what we eat also affects how we feel emotionally.

Food is a gateway to the soul & how you eat is how you do everything in life.

Whole foods have a lifeforce that’s transmuted when consumed. This transmutation at the most basic level becomes nourishment for our physical bodies... plus:

-Invokes a state of arousal -Transports you back in time to a special memory -Activates your creativity -Awakens all of your senses

Have you heard of foods that have legendary aphrodisiacal properties? 

Maca, Chocolate,Truffles, Oysters, Pomegranates & Figs are just a few of these known stimulating foods.

When I started to understand the connection between my feelings, sensuality and eating, my life became a lot more exciting in all areas!

I became a better chef I slowed down while eating and in all other parts of my life I became more present My creative juices were activated I started seeing the world as a magical colorful place I felt more sensual

The perspective I'm discussing around food isn’t something you can learn or understand with your mind...It has to be felt and experienced!

I want you to feel Extraordinary!

Becoming a sensual, present and slowed-down person is the best gift you could ever give yourself! I'm here to guide you back to you.

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary,


P.S. My SHINE Superfood Elixir Blend is an incredible way to begin the process or enhance your experience with lifeforce nutrition.