• Christy Whitney

The 3 Surprising Culprits of Weight Loss Resistance

The topic of weight loss resistance (WLR) is vast & challenging...

And, why is it happening to so many women that are trying really hard to

create the life and body they desire?

An important point to remember about WLR challenges is that it’s very personal.  I find it really difficult to believe any expert that claims to have the answer to WLR for the masses and I hope you also observe their promises with a grain of salt…

There are so many things to consider around why WLR could be happening for you. Most things health-related (like WLR) will never be a one size fits all cause. 

I want to share a few possibilities to WLR that you may have never considered..

The 3 Surprising Culprits of Weight Loss Resistance

#1-Over Exercising

You may be wondering how could exercise cause WLR?  The key is ‘over’ exercising.  The popular trend of high intensity classes could be causing more stress then being an actual benefit to your body.  I've discussed how under-eating can cause your body to go into a stressful state where it holds onto calories consumed as a layer of fat protection. The same thing can happen to the body when you over exercise. If your body is stressed from too much exercising then it will increase hormone production which means fat burning ceases to happen. Over-exercising your body will also start to increase free radicals leaving you susceptible to infection, injury and depletion of lean muscle tissue.

Restorative movements are amazing and can balance out your high intensity workouts.  Walking, swimming, yin yoga, Tai Chi, & Qigong are all wonderful restorative movements.

#2-Lack of Sleep

Our bodies need 7-9 hours of peaceful uninterrupted sleep...every night! This is a challenging one for me...Studies have shown that even with an amazing nutritious diet and daily exercise, WLR could happen if your body isn’t receiving enough sleep. I know many people that brag about how little sleep they get and consider lack of sleep a badge of honor. Not only can WLR set in from sleep deprivation, it also impairs our cognition, sex drive, creativity & performance.

Don’t believe me?

Read the book Thrive or The Sleep Revolution, both were written by the amazing Arianna Huffington.  Arianna collapsed from sleep deprivation and took the experience as a wake up call. She has now dedicated her life to studying and educating the world on the importance of restful sleep and dangers of sleep deprivation.

#3-Lack of Joy in Your Diet

If you’re someone that's always trying to control your diet and only eat foods that you ‘deem acceptable’... your strict rules could be causing WLR.  

-Do you separate foods into your own personal good & bad list?

-Do you have hundreds of foods on the bad list and only a few dozen items on the good “acceptable list’?

The stress that this can place on your body and emotional state creates the perfect environment for WLR. 

Eating should be full of pleasure & joy. If you feel guilty over what you are eating then your body will go into the stress response which means whatever your eating most likely will be stored as fat. 

If your struggling with WLR, it can be challenging to know the reason why. The truth is that there is never just one reason. Creating your formula for your unique "Recipe for Life" will require looking at all areas of your life.