• Christy Whitney

The f*@*@ing number on the scale ...

Do you give the number on the scale more power than it actually deserves?

As a coach, I talk to a lot of clients about their weight. At the start of our journey, many clients are unhappy with their physical weight and tend to use the scale often.  I tell them to take the scale outside and run over it with their car. (I’m still waiting for someone to follow this advice:))

It’s not uncommon to allow the number on the scale to determine how you feel about yourself. If the number looking back at you is low your happy. When the number is higher then you want, you can feel depressed and unsuccessful at having the body you desire. What's often overlooked is that your weight has a physical and spiritual component.

You’ve been taught that the way to change the number of your physical weight is to start a diet or cleanse. It’s possible that with determination and lots of restriction the desired weight will be accomplished.

However, the science shows that 99% of dieters will eventually gain the weight back.

Holding onto extra spiritual weight can feel overwhelming, daunting and draining…. like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders where everything appears to feel more like a struggle than it really is. This heavy energy is usually the #1 blindspot I see when working with clients.

Feeling good happens when you learn to harmonize your physical and spiritual weight. When it comes to true nourishment most people are actually starving.

What should you do if your feeling physically and spiritually heavy?

Here are a few suggestions:

-Find one thing you can commit to daily and add into your routine such as:

  • Eat a meal that has 4-8 different colored vibrant ingredients

  • Drink a green juice

  • Sip on SHINE superfood elixir

  • Plate your meal in a fun & enticing way and savor every bite without doing anything else.

  • Once a week make a new recipe from scratch

  • Journal about your relationship with food and body (for example: write down how you feel about your body plus, track your food cravings and how you're feeling when you have a particular craving)

-And, as always...start flooding your physical body with delicious nutrient dense foods.

How you eat is how you do everything in life. As your relationship with eating becomes more exciting and nourishing, you’ll witness your human relationships transforming.

Everything in your body is connected. To change your physical weight in a healthy sustainable way you need to fuel your body with real nutrients. When your physical body is Well-Fed, your spiritual body can let go of it’s tight protective grip. The goal is to transition from surviving to thriving.

When your body is thriving, it will naturally let go of any extra weight it’s been holding onto!

This is the work I do. As a nourishment alchemist, I can work with your physical and spiritual body and guide you to create your own ‘Recipe for Life’ that will harmonize your entire being.

I'd love to work with you. You deserve to feel extraordinary plus, shed the weight both physically and spiritually:)

If you have any questions about any of my programs click here to schedule a time to connect. You can check out a sampling of ways to work with me below!


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