• Christy Whitney

The Oprah Effect

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

"I can eat bread every day”, says Oprah enthusiastically.

Since Oprah bought into shares of Weight Watchers, she’s become the spokeswoman for their calorie/point counting system. We see her smiling face daily as she announces to the world that she has lost 40lbs by eating whatever she wants, recording every crumb that goes into her mouth and not eating beyond her allowed amount of calories.

The hidden truth buried in the research shows is that 99% of all dieters will gain the weight back within a year. Weight Watchers and the entire diet industry depends on repeat customers. The most popular diets for 2018 are Ketogenic, Whole30, Paleo & Intermittent fasting.

Top executives of Weight Watchers have even said they wouldn't focus on or do longer term studies because "it would be to depressing for their clients." The average diet person will repeatedly sign-up for these programs & systems three to four times.

We lose weight then praise the program for helping us. When the weight is gained back we then blame ourselves for failing (not the system) and then sign up to get 'back on the program'….over and over and over again.

I get it!

You want to feel amazing. Unfortunately, the path to living a healthy vibrant life has become complicated as our world has evolved.

The only plan I want you to follow is continually flooding your body with nutrients and inspiring you to cook more in your own kitchen.

Throughout the years, I’ve followed many diet plans hoping to find the perfect ‘plan’ for me. All of the diets worked...until they didn’t anymore.

The absence of this one single, yet crucial ingredient, had many of these programs, plans and systems slowly diffusing, fizzling out and pretty much losing their 'juice' over time for both myself and 99% of people dieting.

The #1 reason all diets only work for a period of time is because they are missing the foundational ingredient...your soul.

Experts are trying to make your soul conform & act like everyone else on the program. Guess what? You're not like anyone else. Our physical bodies need similar basic nourishment to live...however, your soul is unlike anyone else.

You have thoughts that you don’t share with anyone.. .Your beliefs...Your fears...Your insecurities…Your strengths...Your relationships...Your understanding...Your love or hate for your body...are all so very, very unique and personal to only YOU.

Your beautiful soul isn’t a focus to the experts leading the diets. The focus is on what to eat. What not to eat. When to eat. And, how much to eat.

You deserve better then what the diet industry is promoting. Feed your Extraordinary was birthed to represent a path that has broken free of all the diets, restrictions and 99% failures endured from following someone else's plan that is void of soul.

I want you to create and discover your own Recipe for Life! By taking a pinch knowledge, a dash of intuition, and a splash of soul, your unique recipe for your life will start simmering!

I’m here to guide you into creating your own recipe that fuels your soul and nourishes your body.

Let's Feed YOUR Extraordinary Together...


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