• Christy Whitney

It's an Epidemic…Starvation

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

We eat every day however so many people are starving for nourishment. Why?

Feeling nourished goes way beyond what you eat. You could be eating beautiful organic food everyday and still feel malnourished…

The path to feeling nourishment comes from finding clarity around how you really want to feel. Embracing how you want to feel in the kitchen, bedroom and your heart is the KEY ingredient to feeling good and deep nourishment.

It’s easy to become consumed with food and blame it for all your issues around weight, success, relationships & health. To feel good, you need to make changes in all areas of you life and sometimes these changes can be scary or overwhelming.

This is why I love being a Body Empowerment Coach, guiding my clients to eat + live in a way that supports how they want to feel.

I want you to feast on your life ravenously!

When you work with me, finding the key ingredients for your unique health blueprint

so you can create a life + body you adore becomes the one and only objective.

On your own personal journey...

-you may have included too many savory or sour ingredients into your life

-or maybe you’ve been focused on getting rid of all fat and sweets

-it’s also possible that you’ve included too many bitter elements

Each one of us has created our own “Recipe for Life” that represents who we are

and includes all the ingredients (stories) of our lives up to this point.

There are also times when we have tasted our unique ‘recipe of life’ so much that it taste bland and you know you need to spice things up but don’t know where to start.

If you don’t like how your recipe + life taste & feels...this is where I can help!

I am skilled at the art of alchemy and can assist you in turning a distasteful recipe into a creamy, silky, hearty, gourmet masterpiece!

If you're ready to find your missing ingredients hindering you from feeling amazing, I’m here to guide you!

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