• Christy Whitney

This has to Change...

We have made great strides in our world in so many ways especially regarding women’s rights at home and in the workforce.  For all the progress women have made, too many are still trapped in an oppressive paradigm of body hatred and food abuse. 

I'm dedicated in supporting a new conversation around nourishment and body awareness.  

I recently read this alarming quote from Marc David, founder of the Institute of Psychology of Eating Coaching (IPE) program that I'm a proud alumni. 


"The field of nutrition is stuck in an old habit. It keeps repeating itself as if it had a strange case of amnesia. After decades of dieting, nutrition-linked diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, digestive disorders, fatigue, mood issues, and attention deficit concerns are skyrocketing. On a deeper level, our relationship with food and body is also at an all time emotional low. Some eye-opening surveys and studies are telling us that 9 out of 10 women dislike and even hate their body, and over 8 out of 10 women are on a diet. And, approximately 40% of 9 year old girls claim they are dieting, or have dieted. It’s time to wake up, smell the coffee or the tea or whatever you may be drinking, and do something different – and for no other reason than what we’ve been doing nutritionally and emotionally clearly isn’t working."

Marc David

How depressing is that…

9 out of 10 women dislike and even hate their bodies

8 out of 10 women are on a diet

40% of 9-year-old girls claim they are dieting, or have dieted

I have lived and worked in the field of restrictive dieting for many years. I created Feed Your Extraordinary to represent a new possibility and way of transforming your relationship with food.  I want to bring joy and passion back to the eating table.

As adults, it's our responsibility to break the chain of body hatred and yo-yo dieting so our children grow up having a different story + cultivate an appreciation for their bodies. 

9 out of 10 of us ladies have given away our accountability to our bodies and have let the experts and mass media tell us what & when to eat and how we should feel if we don't have the 'perfect body'. 

Let's SPARK a new way of feeling and living inside our bodies. I'm ready.

Are you?

How can I help? That all depends on what you are really hungry for…

Wildly Fresh: Meal Plan offers a jump start to flooding your body with nourishment. For 7,14 or 21 days you enjoy delicious + nutritious meals designed for you to feel amazing. The Sale price has been extended through the end of July.

Indulgence Club: You can order from an incredible menu filled with a vast variety of juices, elixirs, meals, protein snacks & healthy sweet treats. The Indulgence Club provides supplemental support to your own cooking and eating out.

Body Beautification: Integrative experience for the ultimate in expert guidance, support, teaching & nutritional needs. Only open to local woman.

Recipe for Life Coaching: Uncover the tools, changes, perspectives, beliefs and nourishment you require to create the life + body you desire. Available to everyone. Sessions can be done in person or via phone or Skype.

Tailor your TasteBuds: Cooking classes designed to reignite the spark in your kitchen. Class is designed around your desires and skill level.  

Let's Feed YOUR Extraordinary Together...


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