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What it really takes to Feel Good...with more ease.

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

For 11 years, I owned a wellness center called The Feel Good World. I created an amazing space where you could:

Come take a yoga, Nia, or Qigong class... 

Enjoy a fresh pressed juice or salad from the café...

Be lead through a cleanse...

Utilize many of the other healing modalities that were offered...

ALL under 1 roof:) 

I helped 1000's to Feel Good however, the irony is that more often than not… I felt like shit. 

There were many reasons why I didn’t feel good (It’s never just one thing).

One of the  biggest reasons is that I always put the business, employees & clients needs above my own. I wasn’t taking care of myself because I was always ‘trying’ to take care of everyone else.

I had convinced myself that I was making the world a better place... and that eventually I would have 'time for myself.' 

5 years have now passed since I closed the doors for the last time to The Feel Good World and luckily for me I’ve learned how to put myself first.

I now have a beautiful relationship with myself. I know what it’s like to feel good. Albeit, I don’t feel good all the time, yet, it happens enough to keep me inspired to crave more.

I hope you're not as stubborn as I was in the past. My desire is that you can learn from my mistakes and discoveries. The good news I can share is that through LOTS of trials, tribulations and triumphs, there is a framework to feeling good.

And, even better news... is that this framework allows the space for you to personalize in your own unique way so that you 'don't get put in a box.'!

I highlight the '5 KEY Ingredients' below.

And, yes, I call them ingredients because as you begin to:

play with them...

mix them up...

add your own spice to each/all...

It's like creating you own Recipe for Life!

For me, one of the biggest realizations was that if I wanted to live a deeper, more fulfilling life then I needed to lighten up...with everything! I needed to loosen the grip on all the rules and restrictions that were controlling my life and body.

This was the FIRST, profound step on my journey that led me to uncover these 5 KEY ingredients to create a recipe for 'Feeling Good': 

Fueling: In order to fuel your physical & spiritual body you need to slow down enough to listen & hear the secret language of your body.  At first when you slow down it could feel very uncomfortable and you may need to decipher what you're truly hungry for. When you slow down and learn to listen, you’ll see that fueling your body + spirit can be done in so many different ways from intimacy through enjoying  a delicious meal. If your physical or spiritual body is underfed and starving it’s impossible to feel good. Feeling fueled is a foundational principle to Feeling Good.

Flexibility: As you become more flexible in your eating style and lifestyle you will feel more empowered. Your brittleness will transform into fluidity. The formula that worked for you in the past may not work for you in the present. Being flexible opens the window from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Everything changes when you allow yourself to be flexible in this game of life. 

Fulfillment:  You will feel fulfilled when you love yourself even when you feel unlovable.  When you can love yourself, when you don’t feel good or made mistakes you will understand the power behind feeling fulfilled. Fulfillment is created from the inside out. You learn how to feed your cravings and desires in a way that's deeply nourishing. 

Fun: When you can transform constriction into allowing, you are on your way to having fun. Fun comes from a place of curiosity. When you discover ways to activate all your senses, eating will become a tantalizing experience.  You will see the world as a kaleidoscope of color full of possibilities and adventures vs '50 shades of blasé.' Feeling bad and having fun can't coexist at the same moment. When you feel good, your world becomes a playground of limitless potential where you can courageously dream your life into reality. 

Freedom: Having compassion towards yourself opens the door to freedom in your body + life. Freedom happens when you trust yourself & you keep your commitments to yourself. When you learn to make empowered decisions you will feel free. Freedom comes from a place of discernment where your putting your needs first and believing that you deserve to feel good. Freedom is about leaving the old patterns of fight or flight into feeling good and moving the needle towards joyful bliss.

In the upcoming weeks, I will deep diving into each one of these ingredients and share more personal experiences around my relationship with each one plus, ways you can integrate for yourself!

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary,


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