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What nothing feels like...

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

I have been on a quest to achieve feeling good my entire life.  (I even had a brick and mortar business called The Feel Good World) 

All the trainings I took, books I read, people I studied under, were done to achieve this 'supposed' magical moment of feeling good.  

Good news is...I had several memorable times along my journey where I got a glimpse of what it was like to feel good. Yet, they were fleeting moments that unfortunately, I was unable to sustain for any extended period of time.  

Life happened. Stressors took the forefront.  

It was constant seeking though arguably a noble quest.

Then it happened, I created a sustainable taste of what feeling good....truly FEELS like.  

And, the irony is that I achieved this by (you may want to be sitting down!)... Doing NOTHING!

That's right, nothing. 

I stopped trying.  I learned to be quiet.  I started to understand & listen to the language of my body.  I stopped seeking happiness (or anything for that matter) and started living life.  I stopped playing the story in my head, I will feel good when________________(fill in the blank) happens. 

And, most importantly, I began to believe that I deserve to be happy and feel good... like NOW! 

The culminating moment for me happened when I was in Costa Rica. I embraced fully the phrase known as 'Pura Vida', which translates to Pure Life.  It's an energy that is unspoken and a truth that is embodied in their entire culture and heritage. 

How did this happen? Keep reading…

A few months after I closed the doors for the last time to The Feel Good World (my wellness center I operated for 11 years), I was hired to go to Costa Rica.

Ironically, the person I was hired to help never showed up so I found myself in one of the most beautiful places in the world with nothing to do. 

I will never forget sitting by myself at an exquisite beach feeling nervous.

I could feel the anxiousness in my body.

The uncomfortability was overwhelming.

For the first time, I had nothing to do and had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life. 

As the uncertainty settled in, I had an emotional breakdown. I started screaming at the ocean then the yelling turned into crying... until I collapsed on the beach from exhaustion. 

It took me about a week to finally give into the nothingness. I kept feeling like I needed to do something productive... I needed to make a plan... I needed to create a new business for myself...  

Doing anything would be better than being alone with myself.

Slowly my body started to relax and my mind quieted.  As I began to slow down, I started to embrace the 'Pure Vida' lifestyle. 


-all things and experiences -slowing down and embracing the present -being of gratitude and service (i.e. not taking things for granted) -enjoying your good fortune and all that is to come to you  -and, truly celebrating PURELY being alive

This beautiful way of being was vibrating at a cellular level all around me… all I needed to do to feel this energy was to slow down,  quiet my mind & be present. 

It was transformational to feel at a core level what it was like to feel good INSTEAD of thinking, studying, or wishing I felt a certain way. What I felt was undeniable.  

My quest has now changed everything.  I am committed to living and feeling... everything!  

I cry more often I laugh hard I often feel scared and vulnerable I enjoy eating I speak my truth I like my body I sleep a lot I enjoy being quiet I'm conscious of being present and not multitasking

I’m now having fun creating my own recipe for life.  How about YOU? 

What happens to your body when you do nothing?  Is your mind comfortable in the silence?  Have you created a relationship with yourself that thrives in your quiet, alone time? 

In this crazy, hyper-speed world we live in, we need to support each other in slowing down. I’m here for you. I would love to hear about your experiences & challenges  with slowing down. 

Over the next few weeks, I'll be talking more about this 'feel good' mindset and lifestyle. Stay tuned! And, if you'd like to connect or have any questions, reply to this email or I'm available for 30 minute complimentary consults. You can book here.

Let's Feed Your Extraordinary, 


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