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What your hungers are really saying...

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

In the last blog post, I revealed 5 key ingredients I believe, are needed to Feel Good. If you missed the post you can read it here 

Today, I want to deep dive into what the foundational ingredient, Fueling, really means.

Learning how to fuel yourself in a way that's truly nourishing is an art form. It goes way beyond eating healthy meals.  In order to fuel your physical & emotional body, you need to learn how to decipher the language of your body.

What do I mean by language of your body? 

Understanding your body's unique language happens when you learn how to tell what your really hungry for. 

Here is an example from my personal life that will hopefully shine some insight to what I’m saying. 

I recently moved. My previous home was a magical place overlooking the river.

Truth alert, I’m somewhat of a homebody. I enjoy going out… sometimes.

Being an entrepreneur that works from home +  lives alone, there would be stretches of time where I only saw other people when I went to the grocery store or met with clients. I would talk to friends and clients on the phone but it was easy for me to go for periods without seeing another person.

Then like clockwork, I would have this overwhelming desire to bake cookies. Baking cookies brings back happy memories of my childhood and doing something special with my mom. 

When I started craving cookies, it was because I was lonely and was desiring human connection. My body didn’t need anything sweet. I was craving something nourishing for my soul. The language of my body was crying for something home-baked, yet when I learned to decipher the truth around what I was really hungry for was human intimacy. 

You have a secret language that your body speaks.

In order for you to feel good and become fueled, you need to lean how to decipher what your body is really hungry for. When your first become aware of how you communicate with yourself it can be very challenging and frustrating.

The number one shift that will help you to understand what your hungers are telling you is to slow down. You will never hear your body's soft whispers if you don’t slow down. 

At first, slowing down can be very uncomfortable and scary. The world we live in moves at hyperspeed. To slow down takes awareness and trust. I promise you, it is so worth it! You will learn so much about yourself when you start to understand the lessons your hungers are teaching you. 

When you learn how to fuel your physical and emotional body, everything changes. When you feel nourished and fueled, you will feel good inside your body.  

What are you really hungry for?  It’s time to find out! 

I’m excited to share, I started a private Feed Your Extraordinary Facebook community.If you haven’t done so already, I want to invite you to join the group. This is a place where we can continue the conversation on ways to Fuel your body inside out + outside in.  I hope to see you there. Click here to join. 

Lets Feed Your Extraordinary,  Christy

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