• Christy Whitney

Why can't You Lose Weight?

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

I get asked all the time, "Why can’t I lose weight’?

They then go on to say… I eat healthy I’m exercising all the time

I sleep welI

I take supplements

“I’m doing all the right things however, I can’t lose weight”, I’m told in an exasperated voice.

I understand this frustration.

I’ve been there!

In the past, I treated my body as a checklist and didn’t understand why I didn’t feel good when I was “doing” all the right things.

I felt as if something was missing and I couldn't put a finger on it. It was like a longing, a wish, a deeper desire and a waiting for the skies to part and the angels to sing… hallelujah! And, that day never came. However, what did come to me… was one of the greatest ‘a-has’ I’ve had. And, that was getting on my ‘own’ journey and path to embracing my own ‘formula for feel good’ and recipe for life. When I made this discovery, everything started to change for me and I grew stronger in my body and happier in my life.

And, this is exactly what I desire for you. Your unique recipe for life requires way more then just good food, exercise and supplements.  Connecting with your  'feeling' body IS essential!

What does that look like you ask? It’s your passions, beliefs, desires, cravings and what lights you up in the world...call it your secret 'soul' ingredients that make you so unique!

When these components are added to your unique recipe...EVERYTHING CHANGES! It’s like a wheatgrass shot for the heart... Kombucha poured through your veins... Bullet-proof coffee pumped through your blood... It turns Everything ON… and spills into EVERY area of your life in an incredible way.

When you discover this incredible ingredient for your own personal recipe... the pounds can melt away and your life will become a lot more fulfilling!

If your ready, together we can whip up more flavor into your recipe for life. I offer many programs where I become your personal nourishment alchemist. Check out ways to work with me here.

If you haven't tried my signature, Well-Fed program, it's an amazing place to start your transformation with food!

It was designed for you to experience over a period of time having all of your meals, snacks and drinks be nutrient dense, delicious and made with love.

You can read more here.