• Christy Whitney

Discovering Your Secret Sauce...

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I LOVE creating…

I know it’s one of the reasons why I immerse myself so deeply into the kitchen.

The opportunity to play, explore, marinate, concoct and add all kinds of alchemy to the mix makes me feel magical.

Yes, I call it ‘magic’ …and, it’s totally available, attainable and in your life as well.

I’ve learned an important personal lesson through my years working as a coach and Food Wizard...

When I’m lit up in the kitchen, I’m more passionate about all the other aspects of my life. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, the times in my life where I lost my passion in the kitchen, the rest of my life was dark and gloomy.

I learned that the secret sauce to creating magic in your kitchen, with your food and body relationship + your life comes from deep inside you. It’s your unique soul ingredient that makes your life feel so special.

Tapping into your soul is what makes your ‘recipe of life’ uniquely-flavored and something you will fall in love with over and over again + you will never grow tired of consuming!

Without tapping into your secret soul sauce… There’s no ‘magic’ to create.

When this happens,we can easily fall into a rut of eating…because you have to eat to survive.

We can end up eating the same thing day after day, eating food that is void of nutrients, eating way to fast and multitasking and eating food that brings you zero joy or pleasure.

When you’ve lost the magic in eating then your life starts to feel…

  • Mundane

  • Mediocre

  • Depressing

  • Full of rules and restrictions

  • Void of any pleasure

Why does this happen?

Because, how you eat is how you DO everything in life!

The good news is, your ‘secret soul sauce’ can be re-invented and re-defined...drizzling with more of you. You can make it more spicy, sweet, savory or bitter and continue changing it up!

When you find all the right ingredients to make your own customized ‘blueprint’ that is created with your soul, secret sauce and magic, you will be passionate about your life + your connection to your food and body.

I’m here to help you find your secret sauce with all things food, body (and kitchen!) that will naturally pour over into your day to day life!

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